Scott Wanamaker

With nearly two decades of experience in business law, compliance, and corporate governance, Scott is an accomplished corporate attorney with broad experience in a variety of disciplines. Currently, Scott serves as chief legal officer for both Lineup Media Group and Atomic 47, the first global and regulatorily compliant financial lifestyle network (FinLife), unifying communication, education, entertainment, security, encryption, and transparency to anyone, anywhere in one app. Overseeing all legal and regulatory matters, Scott leverages deep legal and business understanding to enable both company’s strategic goals.
Having served as general counsel to the portfolio management company Eudora Global, Scott has managed the legal function of businesses in industries ranging from financial technology to healthcare, to entertainment and online gaming. He is in his element handling multiple concurrent matters in a dynamic business environment.
Prior to moving in the house, Scott spent the first decade of his legal career honing his skills as a business transactions lawyer in the St. Louis area, as an associate at Greensfelder, Hempker and Gale, P.C.
Scott earned a Juris Doctor from Washington University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Kansas.