New Partnership Will Upgrade the Competitive Infrastructure for Esports Ohio’s Student-Athletes, Coaches, and Administrators​

Edwardsville, IL (8/6/21) Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC), through its scholastic esports arm UGC EDU, has announced a partnership with Esports Ohio. The new partnership will combine Esports Ohio’s network of 100+ schools and 3000+ student-athletes across the state of Ohio with UGC’s professional-tier competitive infrastructure.

“Our goal is to support our state-wide partners with empowering technology resources while allowing them to maintain control of their organization’s ecosystem. We understand that educators are investing a lot in structuring esports programs as an educational tool for future career pathways while finding the same personal development value as that of traditional sports.” says Matt Jackson, CEO and founder of UGC, “Esports Ohio has the same goals that we do at UGC; providing students with great experiences through esports while simultaneously building self-esteem for future success. We’ve seen scholastic esports programs grow rapidly in the past few years, and are glad to partner with organizations like Esports Ohio that help facilitate that growth.”

UGC’s online platform includes built-in features for automating the scheduling process, match rescheduling, tracking student athlete eligibility requirements, and much more. These features geared towards reducing working hours will enable Esports Ohio’s educators and coaches to be in full control of the student-athlete’s experience right up to game day.

“Esports Ohio is a non-profit scholastic organization created by teachers for students. We strive to create a positive competitive and learning environment for students in Ohio. Since our inception in 2019, we have almost quintupled in size and scope with the number of schools, titles, and levels of play that we currently offer. With this great trend in growth comes the hardship of maintaining a top-notch competitive standard that supports not only our students and players but also our coaches. Many of our programs are headed by first time coaches that volunteer their time and efforts to build great foundations for their programs. Without our coaches and local support, we would not be able to do the things we do, so anything that can be done to maximize their time and effort is something we want to use.” said Nick Rackley, Esports Ohio’s Vice President of League Management, “Going into the Fall 2021 season it is estimated that UGC’s platform has already saved league management over 100 hours worth of work, and it’s all thanks to Jeremy and his team. UGC’s continually expanding platform will be a great service to build the future of ESO and other high school scholastic esports opportunities. We look forward to a continuing partnership that will help us more fully support our members and grow our vision.”

Registration for Esports Ohio’s fall leagues will open soon, visit for more information. Technology demonstrations of UGC’s online platform are available for administrators and organizers looking to upgrade their own competitive infrastructure. Visit to schedule a meeting with UGC CTO Jeremy Packer. 


About UGC: Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC) is one of the esports industry’s fastest-growing brands. Over the past ten years, UGC has evolved into a full-service esports studio with expertise in producing live and online tournaments. Bringing together all essential elements of esports competition under one brand, UGC develops proprietary tools and turnkey technologies, designs and manufactures custom merchandise, and delivers leading-edge content production and streaming services. A trusted partner among brands and the esports community alike, UGC has organized live and online events for Microsoft, DreamHack, Activision Blizzard, LG Business Solutions USA, Red Bull, and the U.S. Army. Visit to learn more. UGC currently offers its technology services to educational organizations and institutions free of charge. Contact Matt Jackson at for more information.

About Esports Ohio: Esports Ohio is a free-to-join educational nonprofit esports organization and league created by teachers for students. Esports Ohio’s vision is to create a world where electronic sports are embraced as a positive educational and developmental change agent for all students. The ultimate aim of Esports Ohio is to empower students by providing educational institutions with the knowledge, direction, support and resources to implement, maintain, educate and compete in electronic sports.